What’s Your Big Idea?

What’s Your Big Idea?

“If you don’t have a plan, you become part of somebody else’s plan.”

― Terence McKenna

Many individuals in leadership roles fail the vision test. I don’t mean reading a chart in the optometrist’s office. I’m talking about having a vision about how to take their organization and customer and employees experience to the next level, and understanding how they will leverage their personal set of skills and experiences in making that vision a reality. I believe there is a link between a leader’s satisfaction and performance and their ability to think of and communicate a bold and compelling vision for their organization.

John Mattone, the Founder of Intelligent Leadership, states that the #1 Secret of Great Leaders is their ability to Think Differently and Think BIG!

When I was in my corporate executive role, I worked extensively with young leaders that were on track to become the next partners/executives at the company. It was my role to determine if they were ready, and if not, to get them ready. The key questions I asked each of these candidates were “why do you want to be a partner?” and “what is the difference you will make?”. Unfortunately, many young leaders could not answer these questions.

My suggestion to all young leaders is to take the time think deeply about the company, organization or group you’re involved with, and consider what changes and improvements could be made that would exponentially improve the operations, the products or services, the employee experience, and/or the value the customer receives from the organization. No need to limit yourself here, think boldly. Then communicate your ideas to teammates, managers, executives and mentors. Each time you share your vision, you received valuable feedback which helps you refine your big idea and your messaging, and that takes you one step closer to making it a reality. Remember, if no one knows about it, your idea will remain just a dream.

If you’re a leader that wants help defining your bold vision for yourself as a leader and how to powerfully communicate this vision to build support and buy-in, you could benefit from an executive coach. Talk to an expert, schedule some time with me today.

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