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John Burt Leadership offers executive and leadership coaching in multiple designs and formats to fit your needs. Whether you prefer individual, one-on-one coaching, an intimate group coaching workshop environment with peer participants or you are looking for a great team-building activity for your organization in Leadership Team Coaching, there is a leadership coaching program for you. Our programs are based on recognized and proven methodologies and approaches.

One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Individual, one-on-one coaching programs are available from two to twelve months duration depending on your development needs and goals. The longer duration allows leaders to practice new approaches and reflect on the outcomes and lessons learned with the coach. You will receive the full attention of your coach and can customize your plan to fit your needs and your schedule. Leaders often find it invigorating to learn and grow with another professional within a safe, confidential coach-client relationship.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Coaching is effective for leaders at all levels and stages of their careers, senior and C-level leaders, mid-career leaders and emerging leaders. For executive leaders that are already high-performing, but are looking to stay a step ahead of the pack or cement their legacy, there is a program tailored for executives. Past clients that have experienced our program have expressed how important it was to have a coach with extensive experience to provide them advice.

Group Leadership Coaching

The 8-Week Virtual Group Leadership Coaching program encompasses many of the exceptional benefits found in one-on-one coaching programs and incorporates the elements of the Intelligent Leadership® methodology. Participants in this program will have the opportunity to learn the roadmap to leadership success, foster self-awareness regarding their leadership style, strengths, and potential derailers, engage in peer learning for maximum personal growth, develop a personalized Core Purpose Statement and Leadership Development Plan, and receive continuous guidance from experienced executive leadership coach(es) throughout the duration of the program.

These programs are scheduled on a quarterly basis with a small, 10-12 leader cohort. Email us to learn more at [email protected].

Leadership Team Coaching

Many executives want a leadership coaching program tailored to their entire leadership team. We work together to customize the program to fit the size, needs, goals, and schedules of busy executive teams. Each individual will receive personalized attention from the coach, and they will participate in team sessions to discuss challenges, progress, and help needed from other team members to achieve success toward the organization’s mission. Let us design a program that works best for your leadership team.

Workshops & Retreats

Organizations often plan events for their leadership teams to come together for a day or more to discuss their organization’s strategy and health as a unit. These are great opportunities for reflection but also for team building and leadership development. We offer leadership and culture workshops and retreats to fit your needs. In half-day, full-day, and multi-day formats, we can design an event to build individual and team self-awareness, team building, and cohesion and to help the leadership team to consider their role in building a high-performing and vibrant culture.

Keynote & Event Speaker

Trusted by C-level leaders and individuals at all levels of corporate and organizations worldwide, John Burt’s unparalleled experience and insights, combined with his engaging and authentic presence, have garnered rave reviews, extending from the highest echelons of global leadership to serial entrepreneurs and start-ups alike. His presentations cover topics such as The 3Cs: Character, Competence and Communication, 7 Mindsets of Great Leaders, The 5 Cultures of Culture, and more), or tailor to your own organization or audience.

Client Results

John Burt’s Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching is a must-do. Through his coaching, I was able to identify several strategies for learning to be a more impactful leader. I learned about my leadership style, how to be more effective, and how to keep from being derailed. I become aware of the mindsets and triggers which cause me to succeed or derail. I highly recommend John’s program. If you’re ready, now is the time. Don’t wait. — Wende L., Business Owner

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