A Mindset of Abundance

We live in a hyper-competitive world. Results are perceived as what counts.  We’re often consumed by thoughts and emotions about winning, gaining a competitive advantage or just get more attention, likes or followers. This makes some sense. There are real rewards for “winning” in life and business; however, there are also real costs to an organization and individuals related to this comparison-based competitiveness. When leaders fail to recognize a team’s achievements despite missing an objective, these harmful behaviors destroy trust and poison the culture of an organization.

When you see another person, team or organization being rewarded for winning, it is easy to fall prey to a scarcity mindset and believe that there is less opportunity for our own star to shine. I worked in sales for many years, and winning a contract meant a possible bonus, and losing the contract could cost you promotion opportunities, your position or possibly your job. Stephen Covey observed that you can either have a mindset of abundance or scarcity. A scarcity mindset would have you believe that resources and outcomes are limited. The scarcity mindset is often the result of our insecurities.

A mature leader has an abundance mindset where resources and outcomes are unlimited. If someone else wins, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to be successful. Leaders with an abundance mindset will be excited by individuals’ contributions, successes and growth of peers and team members, and they celebrate the small wins along the way. They create a collaborative environment where teams are more creative, engaged and emotionally connected. Abundant leaders find a reason to praise others and find inherent value in everyone. An abundant mindset begins with your own sense of self-worth.

As a leader, you can create an abundance mindset by developing a greater self-awareness and understanding of your strengths and gifts. As your become acutely aware of your own strengths and limitations you will be less threatened by others and learn to surround yourself with people that compliment your own abilities. If you’re not a very creative person, for instance, you can team-up with creatives to balance and enhance your team. You can become genuinely happy for the success of those around you and help your team thrive in a competitive world.

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